Power of Greens, Healing Anti-Oxidants

According to the very conservative food pyramid promoted by the USFDA, in order to maintain good health we need at least three servings a day of deep green leafy vegetables, and at least, five daily portions of fruits and vegetables in total. Unfortunately, 95% of North Americans (and Europeans) never come close to even these small amounts in their daily diets. As much as 42% of the population are eating fewer than two servings of fruits or vegetables per day, one of which is likely to be french fries. Recently I had the privilege of visiting the island of Okinawa, for a Japanese client, and meeting with an Okinawan professor who has researched the effects of plants on the health of the Okinawan people. Okinawans are renowned for their longevity, and are rated number one in the world for a very healthy elder population. They have the highest number of centenarians per population in the world, and what makes this even more remarkable, many of these elders lead very active, disease-free lives, with mental acuity intact.


This island off the coast of Japan reports 80% less heart disease and 80% less estrogen receptive cancers (breast, ovarian, prostate) than the U.S.!!!! Their diet is very heavy in vegetables, in fact, an astounding 36% of their diet is vegetables. Researchers have found that the Okinawans have the highest amounts of protective antioxidants flowing through their blood, much more than any other race on earth. Most of these antioxidants are believed to be from their vegetable rich diet. Researchers are now focusing on these antioxidant levels being responsible for their remarkable disease-free health and longevity. It is recognized by some medical researchers that, if we, as a nation, were to actually consume 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day, thereby consuming cancer protective compounds and antioxidant rich compounds, we could reduce the number of people suffering in our cancer hospital wards by an amazing 33%. This could mean a staggering number of people could be saved from a staggering amount of suffering...all thanks to fruits and vegetables! Interestingly, the Okinawans consume 7-12 portions of fruits and veggies a day. It is possible that if we did the same, we too could achieve astounding good health well into our later years. Many scientists are now confirming the simple fact that if we eat a balanced diet, rich in protective nutrients from at least 5 portions a day of fruits and vegetables, we humans could prevent nearly 40% of the different types of cancer from which we now suffer.


How can we get our five servings every day?


Each serving of the Green Power Drink (2.5 grams) is equivalent to one to two portions of fruits and vegetables, making it much easier to achieve the minimum of 5 a day and these servings are of the highest quality organic nutrients.


Recently the President published an initiative, The President’s Recommendations for Improving Nutrition, “The Administration is strengthening this program by launching a more coordinated effort between the USDA, CDC, and the National Cancer Institute. The expertise of the science and medical communities will lend valuable support for improving overall nutrition and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the United States to five-to-nine servings every day.” The program seeks to inform Americans that eating fruits and vegetables can improve their health and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, the two leading causes of death in the United States.



Forty-six well-designed studies (case control and cohort studies) have shown that increased consumption of vegetables and fruit conferred the strongest protection of all foods against the non-hormone-dependent cancers, i.e. cancer of the oral cavity, stomach, pancreas and lung.


In another even bigger review of 206 human epidemiological studies and 22 animal studies consistent evidence was found that greater fruit and vegetable consumption protects against cancers, particularly stomach, esophageal and lung cancer

Greens provide a range of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, carotenoids and flavonoids. Plant foods supply pro-vitamin-A compounds that are converted to vitamin A by the human body. Antioxidants help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke. The development of cancer is usually a relatively slow process. Somatic mutations may occur because of exposure to environmental chemicals that damage the body’s blueprint for life, DNA. The body itself can generate molecules, e.g. free radicals that can damage DNA. Antioxidants mop up free radicals and thus guard against excessive DNA damage. There is a role for antioxidants in helping to protect us from heart disease and stroke. Blocked arteries cause restriction of blood flow to the heart and pain on exertion (angina). In severe, acute blockage a region of heart muscle is suddenly deprived of blood and is damaged, this is what is known as a heart attack. Similar blocking of arteries in the brain leads to stroke or death. The most common cause of blockage is complex atheromatous plaques composed of inflamed tissues and fatty deposits. The build up of cholesterol within these plaques may be accelerated by oxidative damage. Such damage might be prevented by high intakes of antioxidants from fruits and veggies.


Smoking and high levels of blood cholesterol, associated with high intakes of saturated fat, are both major risk factors for CVD and stroke. The accumulation of cholesterol as deposits within plaques may be accelerated by oxidative damage to the low-density lipoproteins (LDL). Such damage might be prevented by high intakes of antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables that have comparatively high levels of antioxidants include apples, grapefruit, green grapes, kiwi fruit oranges, peach, prunes, raisins, raspberries, red plums strawberries, beet root, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, green cabbage, kale, leeks, lettuce, onion, spinach and tomatoes.


Green leafy vegetables typically contain 20 times more essential nutrients that other foods ounce for ounce. Furthermore the nutrients in deep green leafy vegetables are so important, they actually make the nutrients found in other foods work far more effectively. As a result, if we fail to eat quality green vegetables on daily basis, dozens of valuable cleansing, building and eliminative functions fail to work properly. This contributes to diseases and discomforts including but not limited to cancer, diabetes, ulcers, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, low energy, sexual impotence, overweight, periodontal disease, hair loss, body odor, psoriasis, acne, constipation, asthma and extreme acidity.


Why do we require five or more servings of vegetables and fruit a day?

There is a theory that the human body adapted to high intakes of plant foods over millennia and that cancer may be a disease that results from maladaptation to the reduced intake of most people living in western societies. This theory is borne out by the finding that populations with the lowest intake of fruit and vegetables have the highest incidence and mortality of cancers of the esophagus (Iran and China), stomach (Poland and Hungary) and intestine (Britain and North America).

Each ingredient in Green Power has been selected for its unsurpassed purity, potency and ability to deliver five specific phyto-nutrients, uniquely designed by nature to activate metabolic function, in fact, 100% are organic. Chlorophyll is the life-blood of all plants, converting sunshine into life-supporting nutrients. Chlorophyll-rich plants are known to be immune enhancing, inhibit bacterial growth, remove toxins, counteract inflammations, build the blood, renew tissues, improve the liver function and activate enzymes. This formula combines chlorophyll-rich plants from the sea and land. The aquatic micro-algae, spirulina and chlorella, contain twice the chlorophyll of any land plant. They were among the first organisms on the planet, with over three and a half billion years of supporting life. In addition to chlorophyll, micro-algae contain the highest sources of protein, beta-carotene and nucleic acid of any animal or plant food. Kelp, a sea vegetable, binds heavy metals, pesticides, and such carcinogens as PCBs, and carries them safely out through the intestines. Kelp also nourishes and protects the thyroid.

Why powder and not a liquid or juice form?

Fresh juice is the best way to get the Green Power, unfortunately the busy pace of life prevents us for buying, stocking and juicing on a daily basis. We designed it as a powder to make it easy to take on a once or twice daily basis, thereby getting all the benefits and good health of Green Power. Using a powder makes it so that we have no need to add preservatives, or any other compounds that might change the structure nature had intended. Reconstituted in its natural form by adding water or juice is a quick, delicious way to make sure we get all our nutrients for our health.

What does 100% Organic mean?

Certified organic means that the farm complies with the USDA’s National Organic Standards (Oct. 2002) and are also certified organic by an independent organization. When a farmer applies for organic certification they have three years to transition their farm to be in compliance with the new rules. If all the criteria are met at the end of this time period, organic certification is issued. The certifier requires the farmer to adhere to strict guidelines and special and safe farming practices that are outlined by the USDA’s new rules. Each farm and plant is inspected frequently to check compliance. Organic seeds and planting stock are required. Why 100% certified organic? Because you are guaranteed the purest product possible and the purest assimilation, grown WITHOUT herbicides, pesticides, or nutritionally depleted soil is about as good as it gets! Organic produce is grown without relying on synthetic chemical pesticides. We use no herbicides, fumigants, or synthetic fertilizers. Organic produce is never GMO (genetically engineered or modified), and is never irradiated. Organic farming helps protect our air, soil, water and food supply from potentially toxic chemicals and other pollutants. Organic farming conserves natural resources by recycling natural materials.

Organic farming encourages an abundance of species living in balanced, harmonious ecosystems. Its good for us and good for the planet!


Why Organic Greens for the Green Power Drink?


The Green Power drink contains mainly 20: 1 extracts, this means that 20 pounds of greens are concentrated down to 1 pound of powder. If non-organic greens are used even trace elements of herbicides or pesticides are super concentrated. That is why we WILL NOT use anything but 100% Organic.


CHLOROPHYLL, the “lifeblood” of plants, has a structure almost identical to human hemoglobin in the blood. Chlorophyll is an efficient deliverer of magnesium and helps the blood carry oxygen to the cells and tissue. Chlorophyll assists in the chelation of heavy metals. Perhaps, most importantly, chlorophyll performs photosynthesis, a complex series of chemical reactions that covert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and plant sugars (calories). Without it all life would cease to exist. The stress of photosynthesis causes the plant to create a powerful antioxidant shield, enzymes, which are designer proteins that contribute to digestive function and immune response. The similarity between chlorophyll and hemoglobin create corresponding similarities in the type of antioxidant enzymes green pigmented plants and human blood contain. In addition to enzymes, green plants contains dozens of trace minerals, often missing from western diets due to poor farming, top soil erosion, or a lack of proper eating habits. Green Power come from pristine organic farmland and pure Icelandic waters and reside within the natural plant matrix of organic vegetables, algae’s, grasses and kelp that make up Green Power. Green foods are highly alkalizing and contribute the necessary balance to the pH that is so sorely missing today. They also contain polypeptides (free-form amino acids) that act to create lean muscle, enhance potency and most importantly boost immunity!

The following foods selected from land and sea together because they are the GREEN POWER plants of our planet!


ORGANIC ALFALFA GREENS: The father of all foods, alfalfa has roots that reach up to 60 feet into the soil to absorb trace minerals. Its lightweight proteins stimulate the rebuilding of tissues and strengthen hair skin and nails.


ORGANIC BARLEY GRASS: Over a dozen studies show the extract of young barley leaves to be a useful and powerful therapeutic agent. Rich in SOD, calcium, iron and trace minerals, barley has been reported to relieve arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic fatigue, constipation, poor circulation, psoriasis, acne and body odor.


ORGANIC KAMUT: Green Kamut is an organic food. It is a vital source of phyto-chemical elements. It is designed by nature as a catalyst to balance the human body. It assists the body’s essential life-regulating pH balance, stimulates the body’s natural cleansing and detoxifying abilities. Kamut contributes to cell and tissue growth. It is organically grown in pristine environments. Kamut is generally regarded as a grain that is the purest, and therefore, least allergy-inducing wheat on the market. Kamut is a strain of wheat that was brought to the United States as a non-hybrid seed. It has remained non-hybrid, which is the reason for its exceptionally high nutritional value.


ORGANIC OAT GRASS: One of the little known super stars among cereal grasses. Recent and ongoing studies indicate that unique proteins, lipids and other factors in oat greens may have tremendous usefulness as an antidote for male impotence and may possibly revive reproductive function.


ORGANIC SPIRULINA: Is an amazing of complete, highly digestible vegetarian protein that is rich in the B vitamins, particularly B-1, B-2, B-3, and B-6. More importantly, spirulina is the richest source of vitamin B-12 found in nature! Spirulina has also shown promise in the treatment of impaired immunity, protein deficiencies and eating disorders.


ORGANIC DANDELION GREENS: An excellent digestive aid and diuretic


ORGANIC BROCCOLI: A powerhouse of anti cancer compounds including Endoles like endole carbinaol 3 and sulfur compounds like sulfurophane. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin C and beta carotene.


ORGANIC SPINACH: An excellent source of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and zinc as well as antioxidants like carotenoids, vitamin C and vitamin E.


ORGANIC KALE: Rich in all trace minerals and is recommended to prevent brittle bones.


ORGANIC PARSLEY: An excellent deodorizer, antacid and anti-ulcer remedy.


ORGANIC CAULIFLOWER: Contains valuable sulphur compounds.


ORGANIC SEA KELP, SEA DULSE: Known to contain over 96 different minerals and trace minerals. These foods are nature’s most potent mineral rich whole foods. The little known red kelp called dulse has been reported to restore kidney function, while the iodine in green kelp is helpful for people with thyroid problems.