Joint-Ease, Arthritis and Inflam-Ease

Arthritis and
Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

The cold damp weather can really exacerbate arthritis in
many companion animals, drastically reducing their
quality of life. In Traditional Chinese Medicine,
certain types of arthritis, especially those categorized
as "Cold" and "Cold Damp - Bi Syndrome" can be treated
quite well with herbal medicine. Formulas such as
JOINT-EASE, and INFLAM-EASE are safe, non-toxic ways of
reducing inflammation and alleviating suffering.


Arthritis and the JOINT-EASE


A recent study published in the
March 2008 issue of Chinese Medicine found that a
classic Chinese herbal formula, "Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang"
(the base of our JOINT-EASE formula,) was proven
effective in reducing symptoms of pain and stiffness and
increasing physical functioning in patients with

The classical herbal formulation, "Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang"
has been shown to be effective in reducing stiffness and
pain, and increasing physical functioning. After two
weeks, human patients reported significant improvement
in pain and less stiffness. Researchers concluded that
this classic Chinese herbal formula might be used as a
complementary treatment of pain, stiffness and other
physical functioning problems in patients with
osteoarthritis of the knee.

The JOINT-EASE Formula from D’Arcy Naturals is based on
this classic formula, and to this, we’ve added two
herbs, turmeric and bromelain for increased
anti-inflammatory support.


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The Pharmacology of JOINT-EASE.


"Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang" is the TCM
basis for the JOINT-EASE formula.


Inhibiting tissue inflammatory reaction: oral feeding
mice this formula (10g/kg and 20g/kg daily for 7
consecutive days) or applying the formula externally to
their left ears (0.1ml/mouse), can significantly inhibit
the auricular inflammatory reaction caused by
dimethylbenzene or croton oil.

Decreasing capillary permeability: oral feeding mice
this formula at the dosages of 10g/kg, 15g/kg, 20g/kg
once daily for 7 consecutive days, all three dosages
have a significant inhibitive effect on the increase in
abdominal capillary permeability caused by 0.5 acetic


Oral feeding mice this formula at the dosage of
0.13g/kg, the analgesic effect can be gauged as follows:
30 minutes into treatment, a significant increase in the
mice’s "hot plate" pain threshold value is detected; 90
minutes into treatment, the increase becomes extremely
steep; and 180 minutes into treatment, the formula’s
analgesic effect remains significant.(3)

Enhancing immunity:

Increasing the weight of immunity organs: Oral feeding
hamsters this formula, 8g/kg daily for 7 consecutive
days, can significantly increase the weight of their
thymus gland and spleen;(4)

Enhancing macrophage’s phagocytic function: Oral feeding
mice this formula, 10g/kg daily for 7 consecutive days,
can significantly enhance monocytic macrophage’s
phagocytic function.(5)

Improving microcirculation:

Administering Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang to mice by abdominal
injection at the dosage of 10g/kg can significantly
increase the caliber of collecting capillaries, increase
the number of open capillaries, lengthen the latent
period of adrenaline-caused vasoconstriction, and
counteract adrenaline-caused vascular occlusion.(7)


Clinical Applications of
JOINT-EASE formula.



Indications include both rheumatic arthritis and
rheumatoid arthritis. A study treated 93 cases of
arthritis with variations of this formula, and reported
results as follows:


1. Group One (41 cases, one dose
daily for a treatment period ranging from 3 months to 21
years): 7 cases resolved (symptoms disappeared & joint
functions restored), 21 cases significantly improved
(symptoms/main symptoms disappeared & joint functions
essentially restored), 10 cases improved (main symptoms
disappeared and main joint functions essentially
restored or significantly improved), and 3 cases with no

2. Group Two (52 cases, three dosages daily for a
treatment period ranging from 60 to 90 days): 35 cases
significantly improved, 15 cases improved, and 2 cases
had no response.(8),(9)

Osseous arthritis:

One study treated 24 cases of osseous arthritis with a
variation of this formula for a period ranging from one
week to three months and reported these results: 14
cases resolved (symptoms disappeared, free movement and
no relapse during a half-year follow-up), 4 cases
significantly improved (symptoms significantly
alleviated and free movement), 3 cases improved
(symptoms alleviated and limb functions improved to
varying degrees), and 3 cases with no response, tallying
an overall effectiveness rate of 87.5%.(10)


A study used this formula as the basic treatment for 95
cases of sciatica:

1.Group One (80 cases treated with one dose daily): 65
cases resolved (numbness and pain disappeared, free
movement, no dysfunctions), 10 cases improved (numbness
and pain more or less disappeared), and 5 cases with no

2.Group Two (15 cases of sciatica in pregnancy treated
with one dose daily): 11 cases resolved and 4 cases

Scapulohumeral periarthritis: Combining with massage
therapy, one study used this formula to treat 31 cases
of scapulohumeral periarthritis (one dose daily for one
to two 15-day treatment cycles): 25 cases resolved
(shoulder joint movement, function and myoatrophy
returned to normal; pain disappeared; no relapse during
a half-year follow-up), 3 cases significantly improved,
2 cases improved, and 2 cases with no response.(13)


One study treated 20 cases of poliomyelitis for 12 to 52
days and reported that 15 cases resolved (paralysis
disappeared, free movement), 4 cases improved, 1 case
with no response.(15)

Please see references below.




JOINT-EASE Safely supports joint
health and ease of movement.

Herbs for joint inflammation that have analgesic and
circulation promoting properties.


Rheumatoid arthritis

Degenerative joint disease

Pain and stiffness around joints

Hip dysplasia

Reluctance to jump

Degeneration of the shoulder joint

Dislocation of the knee cap

Resistance to touch around the hind quarters

Weak joints


Two other herbal ingredients in


BROMELAIN is not a single
substance, but rather a collection of enzymes and other
compounds. It is a mixture of sulfur-containing
protein-digesting enzymes—called proteolytic enzymes or
proteases. Bromelain can be used in a vast array of
medical conditions. It was first introduced in this area
in 1957, and works by blocking some proinflammatory
metabolites that accelerate and worsen the inflammatory
process. It is an anti-inflammatory agent, and so can be
used for sports injury, trauma, arthritis, and other
kinds of swelling. [1] Bromelain may be of interest to
plastic surgeons because of its apparent ability to
reduce pain, edema, inflammation, and platelet
aggregation, as well as its ability to potentiate
antibiotics. [2]

(1) Kelly G.S. N.D. Bromelain: A Literature Review and
Discussion of it Therapeutic Applications (Alt Med Rev

(2) sini R.A. Plast Reconstr Surg 2006
Dec;118(7):1640-4. Bromelain

TURMERIC. In experimental animals, curcumin, (the active
ingredient of turmeric) has shown anti-diabetic,
anti-inflammatory, cytotoxic and anti-oxidant properties
as well as a lipid lowering effect.[1] It possesses
diverse anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties
following oral or topical administration.[2] Curcumin
was found to be pharmacologically safe in human clinical
trials with doses up to 10/grams/day[3] A phase 1 human
trial with 25 subjects using up to 8000 mg of Curcumin
per day for 3 months found no toxicity from Curcumin.[4]

(1)Kandarkar SV, Sawani SS, Ingle, AD, et al. Subchronic
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and ultra structural studies. Indian J Exp Biol 1998

(2)Babu PS, et al. Hypolipidemic action of curcumin, the
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$4)Chainani-Wu N. “Safety and anti-inflammatory activity
of Curcumin: a component of turmeric (Curcuma longa).” J
Altern Complement Med. 2003 Feb 9(1):161-8.


Trauma and Inflammation: INFLAM-EASE


Whether the sudden trauma is from
an accident, a fight, or of a more chronic cause, we
need to get extra herbal anti-inflammatory compounds
into the blood stream to help get the inflammation down.
INFLAM-EASE is a gentle anti-inflammatory that is safe
and easy-on the digestive tract. It is often added to
support companion animals through difficult arthritic
episodes, and can be used alongside JOINT-EASE.


An excellent herbal
anti-inflammatory that relieves chronic and acute

Trauma & injuries

Inflammation & swelling


Degenerative joint disease

Hip dysplasia

Post-surgical recovery

Sprains, strains


Traumatic injury

Rheumatic or arthritic fibromyalgia


Inflam-Ease is a wonderful
alternative to nonsteroidal drugs which can have serious
side effects. This formula cools chronic and acute
inflammations from exercise activities such as long
walks or runs, as well as injuries or traumas, also from
the chronic flare-ups of tendonitis or arthritis. This
formula is based upon a well known TCM formula used to
open up the healing flow of energy and blood, often shut
down as nature tries to tell our animal friends to rest
in order to heal. Scientific evidence shows that
bromelain, (a proteolytic enzyme of pineapple) breaks
down fibrin, a substance that builds up around inflamed
areas, blocking blood supply. Turmeric creates a
wonderful anti-inflammatory response with results
comparable to ibuprofen without any side effects. St.
Johns wort has been used for centuries in Europe to
relax muscle spasms and soothe nerve pain.


Dong quai root, St. Johns wort herb, turmeric tuber, red
peony root, bromelain (proteolytic enzyme from
pineapple), myrrh oleo gum resin, frankincense, salvia
root, cnidium rhizome, milettia root & vine, corydalis
tuber, pseudoginseng root.


Based on Fantastically Effective Pill to Invigorate the
Collaterals, Huo Luo Xiao Ling Dan (1918 A.D.)



Do not take during pregnancy, because of it’s blood
moving TCM actions. Not to be taken over a long period
of time

References: Base
of JOINT-EASE formula.


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