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URI Norm (Stone Solve) - 100 Capsules
URI Norm (Stone Solve) - 100 Capsules
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Helps support normal kidney function and urination flow.

Stones are formed when urine pH levels, or other chemical factors, cause the minerals to bind and form crystals, which in turn, build upon each other to create solid structures (stones) also known as uroliths. Uroliths are most likely to occur in the bladder, but they sometimes form in the kidneys. Cornsilk supports the urinary tract and does not irritate the kidneys. Dandelion Leaf and Horsetail are approved in Germany as part of therapy for people with UTI's. Horsetail helps maintain normal pH which may reduce the likelihood of crystal formation.

These herbs ingredients work together to support normal urinary tract function. Lysimachia is the Chinese herbal star in the formula and has been used in several Chinese patented formulas.

In TCM, it is not at all uncommon that 'damp clearing' herbs that support the urinary tract are also effective for the gallbladder.

  • Supports normal urinary tract funtioning
  • Helps maintain normal functioning of the urinary tract
  • Supports optimal bladder function


Based on author's research and experience.

Ingredients: Horsetail Herb, Cornsilk, Lysimachia Stem, Dandelion Leaf, Moutan Bark, Buchu Leaf

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Giant 60-100 6-10 caps 3-5 scoops

Not to be used during pregnancy. Prolonged use may cause GI distress. Contraindicated in kidney inflammation. Use with caution in renal dysfunction.


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