What makes NaturalPetRx so unique?



All of our formulas are based on TCM traditions and contain premium quality herbs with no additives, fillers or preservatives. In fact, more than half of our product line is 100% organic. Our quality is a cut above the competition because we distribute smaller batches and we know that the purity of these herbs enhances the performance of our proprietary, World Herbs® formulas.


Our veterinary formulas are easy-to-use, easy-to-prescribe, easy-to-explain. Our proprietary formulas have been used successfully by hundreds of veterinarians around the world for more than a decade and are now conveniently sold at www.naturalpetrx.com.



How can my pet benefit from herbal therapy?


Herbal formulas are a gentle, natural, nontoxic, therapeutic approach that provides a wonderful option and a holistic complement to your companion animal’s healthcare.


Using whole plants or their extract can produce improved outcomes and fewer side effects than many pharmaceutical products. Clinical and laboratory research indicate that the support of normal function of the liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system; reduced inflammation and improved blood flow through damaged tissues; normalization of smooth muscle contraction; aging and death of tumor cells, and elimination of pain. In some cases, herbal medicine may eliminate the need for chronic medications. The components of herbal formulas may act synergistically to give greater positive effecåts than would be possible when used individually.



Aren't All Herbal Products 100% Vegetarian?


Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) typically include many non-vegetarian materials such as bat feces, tiger bone, dog testicles and even stink bugs. Some, like the tiger, are endangered species, some are simply unpleasant. For example, Si Wu Xiao Faeng Yin, a popular formula may often include an insect.


Our formulas are based entirely upon vegetarian products and whenever possible include only organic or wildcrafted herbs. Our formulas are 100% humane.  We offer the formulas in capsules or powder, and use only vegetarian capsules.



What is Wildcrafting?


Wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or "wild" habitat, for food, medicinal, or other purposes. It applies to uncultivated plants wherever they may be found, and is not necessarily limited to wilderness areas. Ethical considerations are often involved, such as protecting endangered species.


When wildcrafting is done sustainably with proper respect, generally only the branches or flowers from plants are taken and the living plant is left, or if it is necessary to take the whole plant, seeds of the plant are placed in the empty hole from which the plant was taken. Care is taken to only remove a few plants, flowers, or branches, so plenty remains to continue the supply.


Wildcrafted plants are regulated by The Organic Food Production Act of 1991. Harvesters must designate the area they are harvesting and provide a three-year history of the area that shows no prohibited substances have been applied there. A plan for harvesting must show that the harvest will sustain the wild crop. No prohibited substances can be added by processors.



How do I get an Affiliate code and receive professional pricing?


If you are a licensed veterinarian, simply call us at 1-800-793-2729, or send us an email at po@darcynat.com, and we will provide you with a code.  Use this code every time you order and you will receive professional pricing.  If you already have an Affiliate code, simply enter it as a discount code at check out and you will get the discounted price.



If I am not a vet, can I still place an order online?


Yes, you can use the online store and place your secure order.  If you have been referred by your veterinarian, have them call our order line at 1-800-793-2729, and we can ship the product directly to you.


How do I administer herbs to my animal companion?

Tips for feeding:

Some formulas taste better than others.  Here are a few tried and tested ways to administer the formulas.

  • Stevia is a very sweet tasting herb that offers no negative side effects and yet is great in masking bitter herbs.  We have added it to some of the powdered formulas.
  • Chicken broth is good for animals with little or not appettite or with dirrhea.  Just dissolve the herbal poweder into the broth and move water out of the way and sooner or later you animal friend will lap up the broth, getting some nutrition, electrolytes and herbs!
  • Parmesan cheese will fool them.  Dogs and cats often like strong smelling stuff like cheese, so mixing in the cheese with the herbal powder and mixing it into their food can help.
  • Turkey or chicken slices with herbs wrapped inside often works.
  • Tunafish water: open a can of tuna an pour the tuna water into food mixed with herbs.
  • Bonita fish flakes can be another strong smelling tasty ruse to pass it by your friends taste buds.
  • Peanut butter balls with herbs hidden inside.
  • Bake into cookies.
  • Hide inside hot dogs, or pill pockets.