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Herbal medicine is a natural choice for our animal friends.


Enhancing the healing process of both humans and animals with nutritional herbs is an ancient science.  The innate qualities of living plants help the body heal and can be used in almost all cases to boost the immune system and nutritionally support the body.  If animals could choose for themselves, they would instinctively try to consume certain types of plants to help themselves heal.


Herbalists have long known that many of the defensive compounds found inside plants make effective herbal cures, and know that the natural environment provides a seemingly endless supply of potential medicines.  Plants generate compounds for protection, and animals have, by trial and error, learned over millennia how to use these compounds.  Humans have learned from animal studies how animals instinctively know how and when to use plants as medicine.  The scientific term for the study of the use of medicinal plants by animals is zoopharmacognosy.  (For more in depth information see our Articles section.)


Herbs are safe and effective and provide results in ways that work with the harmony of the body.  NaturalPetRx herbal formulas have been developed using superior herbs from many herbal traditions.   In our formulation, we use Traditional Chinese Medicine as a base and add to that many of the best well-known herbs from Western and Ayurvedic herbal traditions.   Blending these "world" herbs into formulas using the sophistication and wisdom of TCM formula organizing principles and energetic classifications helps us to use the herbs most effectively.


Yet, you do not have to be a master herbalist to understand our formulas.  They are symptom-specific and have been designed for you to be able to use them easily and efficiently.


Quality is the foundation of our business

We use only the highest quality herbs, 100% vegetarian (including the capsules), 100% herbs, absolutely no fillers.  Only the herbs, and nothing but the herbs.  We use organically grown and wild crafted herbs whenever possible.  Many of our formulas are 100% organic. The therapeutic effect of the plants is dependent on the plant's ability to retain the healing chemical compounds, and this is directly related to the growing environment.  If the soil is healthy and filled with natural nutrients, the herbs will have more potency.


Proven Experience

NaturalPetRx has a history in the veterinary market as a leading herbal supplements company for over 10 years providing veterinarians and holistic medical practitioners with 100% natural, medicinal herbs for chronic medical conditions. The company is based in Natick, Massachusetts and currently serves vets across the US. The company also has distributors in Taiwan, Japan, and the U. K.


100% Guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with our products, we will refund or exchange the product within 30 days.
Organically Grown. (where possible)
Wildcrafted. (where possible)
Not irradiated.
No excipients, flow agents or fillers of any kind.
100% Natural, only the herbs and nothing but the herbs.
Always "full spectrum" whole ground herbs.
Chinese herbs are 5:1 concentrate extract powders.
100% Vegetarian - we use vegetarian capsules.
Formulated by a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Herbalist & Acupuncturist with over 20 years of experience prescribing herbs for patients.
All herbs are inspected by our doctor/herbalist and have Certificates of Analysis.



Our Mission

NaturalPetRx is committed to bringing "Simplicity of Use, Authenticity of Product and dependable One-to-One Relationships to veterinary affiliates so that they can in turn provide the best treatment alternatives to their clients. The mission of the company is to provide veterinarians an exclusive line of herbal formulas that are condition-specific as a complementary form of treatment to conventional pharmaceuticals and therapies.


Geoff D'Arcy, Lic. Ac., D.O.M.

Our program was designed by Geoff D'Arcy, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Lic. Ac. Acupuncturist and Herbalist.


Dr. D'Arcy brings the wealth of Eastern philosophy and training to the healing arts of acupuncture and herbal medicine. He began his training in Japan in the mid-1970s, and returned to England to gain his licentiate in traditional Chinese acupuncture. Geoff went on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in hospitals and colleges in China, and received a doctorate in Oriental Medicine in the United States.


He has co-founded two large integrative medical centers in Massachusetts and is now Director of the D’Arcy Wellness Clinic. He is president of D’Arcy Naturals, Inc., a company that produces all natural herbal formulas for humans and he is a cofounder of NaturalPetRx. Geoff has been in practice for over 28 years.