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Herbal Pet Care Videos


Herbal Medicine: Pets 1 
Herbal Medicine: Pets 2
Nutrition: for Small Animals 
Integrative Medicine for Pets

Lyme: Support for Pets 


Herbal Pet Care Slide Shows from webinars from well-known veterinarians and Geoff D’Arcy, Lic. Ac., D.O.M.:


Immuno-Therapy, Dr. Scanlan DVM

Immune Therapy w/Herbs

Nutrition for Pets

Maqui Select Benefits

Truths about Cancer and Angiogenesis

Lyme Disease Natural Protection Protocol, Geoff D’Arcy, Lic. Ac., D.O.M.

Lyme Disease 101 A Natural Herbal Supplement Protocol for Companion Animals, Geoff D’Arcy Lic Ac DOM, 1 hour presentation given as part of the Berner University Webinar Series


Herbal Pet Care Webinars by well-known veterinarians: Dr. Lee Herzig, Dr. Margo Roman, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Susan Wynn, and Dr. Joe Demers:


Lyme Disease Webinar

Immuno-Modulatory Effects

Nutrition w Susan Wynn



Herbal Pet Care Articles written by Doctors of Veterinary Medicine


A Holistic Approach for the Treatment of Cancer, by Joe Demers, DVM, CVA, CVH

Cancer in Pets, by Dr. Lea Stogdale, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM

What You Should Know About Cancer in Animals, Prepared by the American Veterinary Medical Association

Detoxification, by Dr. Lea Stogdale, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM

Medicinal Mushrooms, Steve Marsden, DVM, ND, MSOM, LAc, DiplCH, AHG, Shawn Messonnier, DVM and Cheryl Yuill, DVM, MSc, CVH

Herbal Therapy in Veterinary Practice

The Immune System, by W. Jean Dodds, DVM

Issues in Nutrition – Including Home-Made and Raw Food Diets, by W. Jean Dodds, DVM

Thyroid Disease and Autoimmune Thyroiditis, by W. Jean Dodds, DVM

Vaccine Fact Sheet, by Douglas Knueven, DVM