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Delphi-Vital (Maqui-Select) - 90 Capsules
Delphi-Vital (Maqui-Select) - 90 Capsules
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The new Super-Fruit with 2.7 MIllion ORAC Value*

A HIGH ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY The Maqui fresh fruit has a much higher antioxidant level than all other superfruits, such as bilberries, black raspberries, goji berries and blackcurrants. The oxidation processes in our cells produce free radicals, which are atoms or molecules with an unpaired electron. These free radicals are highly reactive with other substances and therefore damaging to the human organism.

Antioxidants are molecules which can neutralize free radicals, stopping the stress caused by oxidants and slowing down the cell aging process. The ORAC (Oxigen Radical Absorbance Capacity) index measures the antioxidant and free radical neutralization properties in food. Also, a high ORAC value for a food is often associated with protection against various chronic inflammatory diseases or metabolic disorders. Maqui fresh fruit has the highest ORAC score among berries known so far.


NATURALPETRX HAS ADDED MAQUI POTENTIATES Into a proprietary blend to enhace effiacacy Maqui Select® has a potent antioxidant against the five most important radicals: Peroxyls, hydroxyls, peroxynitrates, superoxide anions and other oxygen-based free radicals.

• boosts the immune system

• helps to healthy inflammatory response

• helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels

• helps prevent oxidation and related damage

The company offering this innovative product is Maqui New Life, a joint venture between Indena, Italy and CTI Salud and Sur Extremo, both Chilean companies. Indena SpA is a global leader in the identification, development and production of active plant-derived substances for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health food industries.

MAQUI SELECT® PROMOTES A HEALTHY IMMUNE RESPONSE Maqui Select® extract has the highest delphinidin content among similar products on the market. The research team in Chile made this important discovery on the ability of delphinidins present in Maqui Select® have an excellent ability to stimulate the immune system.

Delphinidins are a type of anthocyanin, a vegetable pigment responsible for the blue and red colors of certain kinds of grapes, blueberries and pomegranates. In general, delphinidins activate the production of nitric oxide, stimulating vascular relaxation and reducing blood pressure. Furthermore, research carried out by Maqui New Life has demonstrated that delphinidins elevate the liberation of intracellular calcium in Jurkat cells, which may activate the production of cytokines such as IL-2 and IFN-gamma in this cellular line and in human T lymphocytes. Since cytokine production in T lymphocytes is activated through the NFAT transcription factor, and production of IL-2, induced by the delphinidins, is significantly reduced by the cyclosporin A (CsA) calcineurin inhibitor, it is evident that delphinidins have the ability to activate NFAT transcription factor. All of these effects result in strengthening the cells of the immune system.

PROMOTES HEALTHY INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE Maqui Select® can help to control inflammatory processes, it is useful as a complement in the treatment of diseases characterized by such processes.

Chronic inflammatory processes cause many human health problems related to the destruction of tissue and tumor formation. Maqui Select® can help prevent these problems. The potential effect of Maqui Select® as an anti-inflammatory was assessed on animal models with plantar inflammation induced by carrageenan showing a reduction in inflammation similar to the effect of the prescription drug diclofenac. Maqui Select® gets this biological effect from delphinidins, which have shown anti-inflammatory effects in many experimental models. Preliminary studies have shown that Maqui Select®, due to its high concentration of delphinidins, can inhibit the NF-kB transcription factor in neutrophils and activate the PPAR receptor. This receptor, in addition to carrying out anti-inflammatory activities, is associated with the control of various biological processes. In general, anthocians, do posses a PPar gamma effect. Our research on delphinidins, (highly concentrated in the maqui and Maqui Select), are unique in its type, since they show a strong inmunostimulant effect. We are elucidating the molecular mechanism of action and the specific pharmacological target of Maqui Select®. The delphinidins in Maqui Select® have also shown a significant antiproliferative effect.


HELPS MAINTAIN GLUCOSE BALANCE Maqui Select® extract stabilizes blood glucose levels, helping to control metabolic balance.

As mentioned previously, the delphinidins of Maqui Select® have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, due to their activation of the PPAR receptor. This activation mechanism is strongly correlated with the control of Type 2 diabetes as it enhances insulin sensitivity. Also, since hyperglycemic episodes in diabetic patients are closely linked to nitro-oxidative or oxidative stress --the most important factor in the onset and progress of vascular and kidney complications from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes-- the potent effect of Maqui Select® may help prevent the pro-oxidant effects of hyperglycemia.

In conclusion, studies show that the delphinidins of Maqui Select® significantly increase the expression of adipocytokine genes, PPAR and specific adipocyte genes in humans and can be an excellent complement in regulating the adipocyte function, reducing body weight and controlling metabolic problems related to overweight and obesity.



• boosts the immune system

• helps to healthy inflammatory response

• helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels

• helps prevent oxidation and related damage



Research into Maqui Berries by Rafael A. Burgos, DVM, MSc, , and Juan Hancke DVM, Ph.D. both of the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Universidad Austral de Chile, have produced remarkable results.

Their research has led to the rapid growth of products from raw or concentrated Maqui berries, which is now sweeping the supplement and drink industries. This ground work has gone to the next level due to collaboration with one of the largest herb manufacturers in the World… Indena of Italy to produce the Maqui Select® extract. This extract has a patent pending, has a remarkable 2.7 million ORAC antioxidant value and the highest levels of delphininin currently known. Research and animal studies show this non-toxic extract to have remarkable qualities.

Ingredients: Maqui Select Extract, Schisandra Fruit, Turmeric, Andrographis Paniculata

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Not to be used intended for breeding Andrographis, has a few studies in larger dosages the may indicate a higher incidence of infertility.

Turmeric may be considered a slight GI irritant, but again in much larger dosages than present in Delphinol. Not to be used in high dosages (way above reccomended dosages) with anticoagulants or in animals with stomach ulcers.





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