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Kidney Support - 100 Capsules
Kidney Support - 100 Capsules
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Supports healthy renal function.

The kidneys play a large role in the TCM scheme of body and mind. They store and generate the vital life force, (Qi) of the body and mind. They also control reproduction, fertility, and govern strong bones and marrow. Japanese studies using this formula base demonstrate benefits for elderly animals and also support for normal kidney function.

The TCM formula, Rehmannia Eight, supports normal functioning of the kidney.

  • Supports normal health and function of the kidneys
  • Supports normal renal function
  • Helps maintain normal kidney function



Based on Rehmannia Six Combination, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, which nourishes the essence of the liver and kidney.

Ingredients: Rehmannia Root, Cooked, Cornus Fruit, Dioscorea Root, Poria Sclerotium (Hoelen), Moutan Bark, Alisma Rhizome

Size (Cat or Dog) Animal Weight (lbs) CAPSULES
capsules per day


scoops per day

Small 5-20 1-2 caps 0.5-1 scoop
Medium 20-40 2-3 caps 1-2 scoops
Large 40-60 3-4 caps 2-3 scoops
Giant 60-100 6-10 caps 3-5 scoops

This formula should not be used if the animal is experiencing "heat" symptoms such as red tongue, seeking cool spaces, fever, etc. May be contraindicated in subjects with hypertension. Contraindicated with diarrhea. Contraindicated in kidney inflammation. Not to be used in pregnancy.

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