K-Cough (Lung-Support) - 100 Capsules
K-Cough (Lung-Support) - 100 Capsules
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Support normal respiratory function.

This formula is a supportive for the lungs. It is an historical variation of a famous Traditional Chinese Medical formula, Rehmannia Six, known to cool and nourish yin and is especially targeted for the lungs. It quiets and calms frenetic activity and supports the lung yin. Ophiopogonum supports the functioning of the lungs.Schisandra supports the kidney and lungs. Cornus supports the liver and kidneys, and clears heat. The Western herb, Wild Cherry Bark is cooling and supports the lungs and windpipe. Eucalyptus leaf cools and this translates into supporting the normal respiration of our animal friends.

  • Supports respiratory health
  • Supports normal integrity and function of the lungs
  • Helps maintain normal pulmonary health


Based on Eight Immortal Pill for Longevity, Ba Mai Wei di Huang, (1742 A.D.)

Ingredients: Rehmannia Root, Cooked, Cornus Fruit, Dioscorea Root, Moutan Bark, Poria Sclerotium (Hoelen), Alisma Rhizome, Zizyphus Fruit, Eucalyptus Leaf, Wild Cherry Bark, Schisandra Fruit, Ophiopogonum Tuber

Size (Cat or Dog) Animal Weight (lbs) CAPSULES
capsules per day


scoops per day

Small 5-20 1-2 caps 0.5-1 scoop
Medium 20-40 2-3 caps 1-2 scoops
Large 40-60 3-4 caps 2-3 scoops
Giant 60-100 6-10 caps 3-5 scoops

Not to be used in pregnancy. May cause GI irritation. Not for cats.

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